Agile Assessment

Identify the next steps in your agile transformation.


How agile is your organization?

The Agile Assessment is an easy way to evaluate the agile readiness of your organization. It covers all agile building blocks essential to become a fully agile organization. Here is how it works:

Complete the assessment

Complete the assessment

The agile assessment covers seven dimensions and takes only 10-12 minutes. Simply answer the questions and submit them.

Let the magic happen

Let the magic happen

Your agile readiness assessment report is created and enriched with industry benchmarks plus our agile expert’s recommended next steps for your organization’s agile transformation.

Embark on your agile journey

Embark on your agile journey

Discuss the agile assessment results with our experts. We help you set an agile transformation roadmap for your organization based on the report and equip you with proven hands-on measures.

Take the Assessment!

Agile Study Agile Playbook - Agile Transformation Enablers, Agile Benefits & Agile Tools
Agile Playbook

Your guide towards an agile organization

Get your Agile Playbook and learn how to boost your agile transformation.

Download Your Agile Playbook

What’s in it?

  • Benefits of Agile
    Learn how agile increases productivity and boosts team spirit.
  • Agile Enablers
    Get to know all building blocks to become fully agile.
  • Agile Tools
    Leverage advantages of agile with the right tools.
  • Start Your Agile Journey
    Make the first steps to boost your agile transformation.
Download Your Agile Playbook
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Learn more about the Agile Assessment

The Agile Readiness Assessment identifies your organization’s agile status and benchmarks your score. Based on the results our team identifies your agile improvement potentials and provides tangible next steps to boost your agile transformation journey.