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Fast digital product innovation

Good digital product innovation pursues the right ideas and brings them to life cost-effectively and fast. This requires thorough innovation scouting to identify the most viable technology innovations in your market. It also needs customer-centered elaboration of initial digital product ideas and realizing them by taking a lean start-up approach.

This continuously improves the product as you go along. We leverage latest innovation techniques and our technology scaling competence to set up digital innovation right from the start. We support technology innovation through our network of entrepreneurs and design and development experts.


Digital products & ventures

Our digital innovation services enable fast and effective digital product innovation. Each capability can be adjusted to your organization’s specific needs. Get in touch for more information and request your project outline.

Innovation Scouting

Helps you understand the emerging technology trends and innovations pursued by industry peers. Identifies the most promising digital product ideas to fuel your innovation agenda.

Digital Product Building

Transforms ideas into reality. Rapid prototyping within days, MVP design within weeks, and scalable product building within months, by utilizing proven innovation design and development capabilities.

Digital Venture Scaling

Empowers your digital venture and digital product teams for scaling. Relieves bottlenecks and industrializes operations. Enables new growth and assures that your performance targets are met.

Digital Innovation Units

Institutionalizes technology innovation by setting up powerful digital innovation units that build digital business innovations at scale and embody entrepreneurial thinking.


Support for digital innovation at every step

Our digital innovation approach supports companies throughout the entire innovation cycle – from early idea scouting to digital product scaling. It applies proven innovation techniques and leverages our technology scaling expertise.

  • Digital Innovation Scouting identifies the most relevant technology innovation trends in your industry that competitors and start-ups pursue
  • Digital Product Ideation develops and sharpens product ideas using ideation techniques and insights from market research. This leads to a selection of the most viable ideas for product design and building.
  • Digital Product Design results in a functional prototype allowing for immediate customer and stakeholder feedback.
  • Iterative Building develops the digital product in sprints focusing on the most value-adding features first. Each iteration allows for immediate feedback and potential market release.
  • Innovation Scaling prepares the digital product for further growth. It sets up the business and technology capabilities required for efficient digital product scaling.
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