Our Mission

We enable our clients to take full benefit of technology for fast innovation, efficient business growth, and intelligent automation.

About us

Rethinking technology

We help our clients to unlock their full technology potential by creating future-ready technology capabilities that empower them to boost their business and become technology leaders. To bring this mission to life we provide dedicated technology optimization and innovation services in three areas: neoVision, neoVenture and neoBoost.

Moreover, we fundamentally rethink how technology consulting is done today. Running consulting as a startup, we strive to create fast tangible results for our clients, we work with a network of startup and technology partners, and consequently aim to push agile thinking and innovation methods to the next level.

How We Work

Moving technology ahead

We seize opportunities that help to innovate, realign, and boost our clients’ technology foundation.


Seizing Opportunities

We apply our understanding of what is required to master technology leadership and identify the best opportunities to move your technology foundation forward.


Building Capabilities

We use proven tools and methods to realign and build future-ready technology capabilities that show visible results from the beginning.


Leveraging Expertise

We set up teams of experienced technology experts and leverage a carefully curated network of technology partners to generate fast results.

How We Make It Work

We are as flexible as your needs require.

We support clients across industries to define their clear technology vision and to bring it to life.

Any Scale

We apply our services at any scale, from growing start-ups to medium-sized champions to corporate enterprises. From a quick initial assessment to sustainable transformation support, leveraging our scalable experts and partner network.

Across Industries

We work across industries by constantly applying the latest best practices used in one industry to other industries as well.

Anytime, Anywhere

We use state of the art collaboration tools to support our clients on a short notice regardless of borders and locations.

Expert Teams

Combining strategy, innovation and execution

Our expert teams comprise experienced technology strategists, entrepreneurs, and technology evangelists. They combine innovative thinking with solid strategizing and reliable execution competence. Each team is set up individually to satisfy your specific project needs.

Managing Director
  • 13+ years experience in Strategic Technology Management
  • 8 years Technology Strategy & Transformation Lead at Capgemini
  • Engagement lead in Automotive, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Real Estate, Retail, others

Which distinct technology capabilities can you contribute?

Partner Ecosystem

Network of leading partners

We work with a carefully curated network of leading partners. Each partner provides distinct capabilities in its area and helps to build tangible results fast.