Build your digital technology foundation


Set your digital vision

A digital strategy takes digital opportunities and turns them into capabilities that boost your digital transformation. It lays out how to optimize your technology assets to match your digital business needs.

It gives clear guidance for technology optimization and innovation by defining a clear digital technology vision. As digital business opportunities evolve, it provides flexibility for aligning your technology vision along the way.


Digital strategy & transformation

Our digital strategy services provide the foundation required for your journey to tech leadership. They build the capabilities needed to boost you digital transformation.

Digital Readiness

Provides a clear assessment on how well your are prepared for enabling your organization’s digital  ambitions. It also shows which optimizations can benefit your organization the most.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Designs a digital technology strategy that best suits your digital business needs. Defines a clear technology vision and derives a roadmap that guides your technology transformation.

Technology Transformation

Accelerates your digital technology transformation and enables your teams building up the required technology capabilities. Keeps track of the progress by monitoring key technology results.

Technology Cost Efficiencies

Releases technology cost efficiencies that fuel your digital technology transformation. Uses our comprehensive set of smart technology cost levers to accelerate this task.


Digital technology transformation

We develop digital technology in consecutive sprints. We rely on proven technology optimization tools and employ our unique digital technology capabilities model.

  • A Digital Technology Assessment identifies your technology strengths, taking digital business needs and industry opportunities into account. Based thereon, it provides clear directions on how to advance your current technology setup.
  • Digital Technology Vision creates a compelling technology vision and clear technology target pictures that describe how to achieve your digital technology tragets.
  • A Technology Transformation roadmap translates your technology vision into actionable technology optimization initiatives that populate your technology strategy backlog.
  • Technology Strategy Realization takes place in recurring sprints lasting between 3 and 6 months. After each sprint the technology strategy results are reviewed with regard to your set targets. Also, the remaining technology strategy backlog is reprioritized according to evolving business opportunities.

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