Design and accelerate future-ready technology strategies.


What does it take?

A future-ready technology strategy responds to your industry-specific technology opportunities and turns them into new capabilities that help advance your business. It lays out how to align your technology foundation to achieve best

match with market needs. It gives clear guidance for internal and external stakeholders by conveying an inspiring vision. As opportunities evolve, it provides flexibility for reprioritizing your technology vision along the way.


Your journey to technology leadership

The neoVISION capabilties build the foundation required for your journey to technology leadership. Each capability can be adjusted to your organization’s specific needs. Get in touch for more information and request your project outline.

Technology Readiness

Provides a clear assessment on how well your existing technology foundation is prepared for enabling your organization’s business aspirations. It also shows where improvements can benefit your organization the most.

Technology Strategy

Designs a future-ready technology strategy that best fits your business and industry needs. Defines clear target pictures and derives a roadmap that guides the transformation.

Transformation Acceleration

Accelerates your technology transformation by enabling your teams in building up the required capabilities. Keeps track of the progress by monitoring your target metrics.

Smart Efficiencies

Releases the resources needed to fuel your technology vision. Uses our comprehensive set of smart efficiency levers to achieve this.


Future-ready technology strategies

The neoVISION approach develops future-ready technology strategies in consecutive sprints. It relies on proven tools and methods and our unique technology capability model.

  • An Assessment Sprint identifies your technology foundation’s strengths, taking business needs and industry opportunities into account. Based thereon, it provides clear directions on how to advance your current technology setup..
  • A Design Sprint creates a compelling technology vision and clearly envisioned target pictures that suitably describe how to achieve your technology aspirations.
  • A Transformation Sprint translates your vision into actionable initiatives and prioritizes items that are realized first. All results are presented in an attractive technology vision communication package.
  • Realization takes place in recurring Acceleration Sprints lasting between 3 and 6 months. After each sprint the results are reviewed with regard to your technology vision targets. Also, the remaining strategy backlog is reprioritized according to evolving opportunities.