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The new agile organisation

Digital organisations are customer-centric and fully agile. They align business and technology teams toward a common goal: maximizing customer value. Following a lean approach, they reduce unnecessary overhead and foster product value.

Also, agile organisations enable rapid response to change and reduce release cycles from months to days. The new digital operating model embeds agile partner capabilities to scale flexibly and innovate faster. This is based on a culture of trust and empowerment.

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  • Benefits of Agile
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    Leverage advantages of agile with the right tools.
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Agile organisation transformation

The neoBOOST services help leverage your agile organisation’s full potential. Each is adjusted to your specific needs. Get in touch for more information and request your project outline.

Agile Assessment

Agile Assessment

Helps understand how your teams are set up for agile business support, scalability and speed. Provides a clear assessment along with levers to further boost your agile organisation.

Agile IT Organization

Agile Organisation

Brings your agile organisation to the next level by optimizing your operating model and providing an executable agile transformation roadmap.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

Sets up an agile working culture. Trains your teams, establishes agile roles, agile tools, and methods (SCRUM, SAFe), and coaches the teams until they reach full effectiveness.

DevOps Transformation

DevOps Transformation

Brings DevOps to life. Aligns business and IT teams, streamlines deployment processes for continuous delivery, and enables efficient DevOps tool chain support.

Scalable IT Partner Ecosystem

Scalable Partner Ecosystem

Leverages the potential of a powerful partner ecosystem for accelerated innovation, agile scaling, and automated cloud services.

Agile Assessment

Start your agile journey

Want to boost your agile journey and looking for insights like:

  • Is my organisation ready for the agile transformation?
  • What do we need to focus on to get truly agile?
  • We do Scrum but what’s next?
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Agile Organisation Transformation

neoBOOST agile optimization of your organisation follows four phases. It uses established agile tools and agile methods adjusted to your organisation’s needs.

  • An initial Agile Assessment identifies and prioritizes the agile levers with the highest optimization potential. It looks at business collaboration, new digital skills, agile capabilities, and partner models.
  • Agile Design creates the optimized blueprint for your agile organisation considering the whole picture. This functions as a stable committed vision for your agile transformation.
  • Agile Transformation Roadmap lays out the overall plan for setting up the new agile organisation. It puts a detailed focus on the immediate next steps. Also, it ensures involvement of all relevant stakeholders.
  • An iterative Agile Transformation brings the changes to life. It accelerates change by employing agile operating model boosters such as DevOps, Agile Coaching, Partner Ecosystem Optimization, and Skill & Agile Culture Transformation. Additionally, it monitors agile readiness on a regular basis.
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